A New Day, A New Opportunity

Recently I put my hand up as volunteer to assist with Qualcon 2021: The annual conference for the Asia Pacific Quality Organization. I was delighted to have a call back from Jeff Ryall JM, from the board of the Australian Organisation for Quality inviting me to come on board as a “stream curator”.

Sounds intriguing already, right?

As it turns out the conference leadership team had done some blue ocean strategy around how to present the conference during COVID times with the limited options for in person events. Instead of live streaming a small in person or even wholly online event they came up with the concept of the “Netflix of Conferences”.

The conference will be organised into 5 streams. Each stream has a theme and will consist of a series of curated videos from different presenters. I will be curating the “Rethinking Process” stream. I will be working with potential presenters to select and refine presentations and then to arrange them into a coherent narrative of the role that process plays in the overall conference theme “The Future of Quality Is Now”.

After speaking to Jeff I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get started! This task is out of my comfort zone but certainly within my capabilities and sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I’m particularly excited about having the opportunity to meet so many thought leaders from the Quality discipline and especially people like myself who get excited about flow charts! I’m sure there will be many lessons for me along the way and hope to have lots of interesting stories to share.

You can find out more and register for Qualcon here

If you have some insight to share on the Future of Quality why not submit an abstract here?


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