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Brenda is a problem solver, process improver, and project manager specialising
in health, community services, non-profit organisations, and volunteer management. She has had a long career in health and community services and experience working across commercial, NFP, NGO, and government services. She has worked with paid staff, volunteers, rural and remote teams, and varied combinations of these. She has worked for many of the big players in health and community services including St John Ambulance, Medibank and International SOS.

This unique work history positions her as the ideal advisor on how to work at the intersection of different sectors and their links to the health services environment.

Brenda brings is a flexible and eclectic approach to her work. She believes that the problem or opportunity defines the methodology and that the expert on any particular task is generally the person who performs it.

She has a warm and engaging manner and a background in psychology enabling her to create meaningful connections with people from all walks life. She can then bring multiple different perspectives together to find practical and effective solutions.

Work just happens

Brenda seeks to find the balance of the right people, processes, and support creating an environment where the work happens. In this environment people are free to innovate and excel, leading to better business results.

Happen Consulting is here to help you focus on the real work.

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