Happiness Matters. People Matter. Work Just Happens.

For the first time in my life, at 48 years old (OK, 49 by the time this gets published), I am putting myself out there and starting my own business. I feel very excited but kind of terrified at the same time.

For the past eight years, I have been in an internal consultant-type role. I’ve been planning and executing business improvements, managing projects, and helping volunteers operate their businesses. Before that, I was an operations manager who once and again got assigned the “fixer-upper” business unit. I am pretty good at making stuff “just happen.”

When I left my last job (due to the unexpected arrival of a chronic illness), it seemed like my new venture was the next thing that needed to “just happen.”

And so “Happen Consulting” was born.

Why “happen”? It comes from a fundamental belief that work should be happy and stress-free. When you have good systems in place, work will just happen, and your team members will be free to strengthen relationships, innovate, and grow the business. You, as the business

owner, shouldn’t be tied up with its day-to-day tasks. When you trust your
systems and your people, you are free to focus your attention on improvements,
opportunities, and growth. And to spend more time with the people you love,
doing the things that you love.

Happiness matters. People matter. Work just happens.

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