How I’m Going to Do More Yoga and Live a Better Life Part 2

2 weeks into my coaching journey I had my second session with Sue-ellen. While I’ve definitely made some progress I would have rather made more (shut up, inner critic!). Keto diet has gone really well. I’ve gotten back into the groove of cooking more regularly which has always been the key for me. I even baked myself a delicious sugar free raspberry and coconut cake courtesy of – the most amazing keto recipes in existence, in my humble opinion. I think the commitment to Qualcon has helped a lot with diet motivation as I will be doing some video appearances as part of this role. Nothing like the thought that your image is going to be on a professional video recording, on the internet, forever, to make you keen to drop 10 kilos fast! Morning routine and yoga have been more challenging. I had a couple of migraine days this fortnight which messes with my sleep routine. Which is extra annoying as changing my sleep routine is a major migraine trigger for me! I need to bring myself back to my old wakeup time slowly and gradually. Which makes me feel like I’ve slept too late and don’t have time for yoga. Sue-ellen and I have worked out a few strategies that may help with this. I’m going to keep working on this one. With my migraine brain yoga is the only form of exercise I have found that I can manage with anything resembling consistency. And I just feel better all day after yoga. I feel like the big breakthrough came after we spent some time talking about the fact that I struggle with self confidence and imposter syndrome. Sue-ellen suggested checking out this video from Mike Cannon-Brooks, co-founder of Atlassian software. Oh. My. God. I teared up. I have a psychology degree. I know about imposter syndrome and I know its incredibly common. There was just something about the way Mike spoke about it that resonated. He comes across as just a regular guy. No suit. No corporate-speak. No lofty goals. It really did make me feel like “this is a typical guy that I might have chatted to casually at a barbeque or pub, and he’s insanely successful. Maybe I don’t have to be a completely different type of person to make this work? Maybe I can just be me and that will be enough.” Thanks Sue-ellen for the lightbulb moment.

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