How I’m Going to Do More Yoga and Live a Better Life

Today I had my first ever session of personal development coaching with the very lovely Sue-ellen Hill from Original Balance Coaching.


I’m not sure what I expected from the session going in but I found the experience incredibly valuable. It was almost like therapy. There’s something very cathartic about talking to another person about the things that are challenging you in a setting that feels safe.


It also felt good to be dedicating the time to work on some things that are just for me. My focus areas are embarrassingly mundane. I want to develop a good morning routing that includes some yoga, write regularly and stick to the keto diet. Things that I “should” be able to manage on my own but have trouble being consistent with.


Now that I’ve gotten a taste the concept of personal development coaching actually sings to my process-driven soul! How fascinating to take the sort of process improvement ideas I would apply to a business setting and apply them to myself! And to have someone to hold me accountable to making the small changes I want to make in my life feels very powerful.


I’m really looking forward to my next session. Watch this space in a couple of weeks – I’ll check back in with my progress!

And check out Original Balance Coaching!

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