How Working In Short Bursts Benefits The Easily Distracted

Do you often get distracted by the smallest thing? Then it’s time for you to start working in short bursts instead of conquering a project all in one go. The short burst work method is a huge benefit to those of us who are easily distracted.


It’s Easier To Resist Distractions For Short Periods

When trying to resist distractions, it gets increasingly more difficult the longer that time progresses. So when you set yourself a low bar, such as only resisting a distraction for 10-20 minutes, you won’t feel the pressure from the distraction as strongly as you would trying to resist it for a longer period.


Think of it this way, when your phone lights up with a text, which one sounds easier, waiting 10 minutes to answer it, or waiting three hours to reply? Sitting and wondering what that call was about will be much easier for ten minutes.


Breaks Help You Focus

When you are the type of person, who is easily distracted, it may seem weird to suggest taking more breaks. But studies have shown that brains need frequent breaks to maintain creativity and keep the mind focused!


With the short burst method of working, you will be taking a break every 20 or so minutes for a few minutes at a time. This break will help clear your mind of distractions and address something that may pull your mind away from your work. Then when the break is up, you’ll be able to go back to your task with a renewed sense of focus.


You Can Use Your Breaks To Move

People who are often distracted usually report that they feel better when they are more active. With the short burst method of working, you have time to get up and move your body frequently during your project. This method helps you to be able to sit still more effectively and keep the brain on task even when distractions present themselves.


Learning to resist the temptation of frequent distractions can be difficult. But with the short burst work method, you will find that it will keep you on task even if you are easily distracted. The short burst work method makes it much easier to resist annoying distractions and helps you keep your focus. It also increases your focus and allowing you time to get up and move as you work.


If you want to know more about short-burst productivity I have a free e-book which you can download here.


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