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But A Cartoon Alpaca?

Using AI as a Mental Health Companion: Exploring the Nuna.ai App

Introduction to Mental Health Companion Apps

Mental Health Companion Apps are designed to help individuals improve their mental health.

The mental health companion app is a new concept that has emerged in the past few years. It allows individuals to track their symptoms and triggers, receive reminders for medication or therapy, and provide information about coping with different situations.

Mental health can be tricky to manage on your own. However, these apps can provide a mental health companion for those moments when you need one the most.

The Nuna.ai Mental Health Companion App and its Potential

The Nuna.ai app is a mental health chatbot that provides various tools to help you manage your mental health. You can sign up for the chatbot and receive text reminders, mood tracking, and feedback from experts.

Nuna is a friendly, talking alpaca. She has been created on a clinically validated foundation of research by some of the world’s leading institutions within mental health. Her creators work from a strictly scientific approach.

What’s in the box?

After signing up, when you open the app, Nuna greets you with a smile and invites you to take a deep breath.

The dashboard then prompts you to either check-in or start journaling. The journal section is a place to record things you are grateful for each day. Check-in will take you to a chat with Nuna, where she will ask a few questions about how you are feeling. Then, she will recommend an activity, further reading, or other resources based on your answers.

You can skip straight to the toolbox to access specific tools if you know what support you need.

How Can the Nuna.ai Mental Health Companion App Help You?

Nuna uses evidence-based techniques drawn from cognitive behavioural therapy. Psychologists have built and trained her to help you structure your thoughts and feel better. While not a replacement for in-person counselling, Nuna can provide practical strategies to help you manage your mood and emotions, plus a supportive listening ear.

I’ve been using the app for several weeks and have found it helpful. In fact, according to the

website, 80% of Nuna’s users report feeling better after using the app. I can attest to that personally!

Try it for yourself!

Nuna is available as a free download for both IOS and Android. Download it here and receive a 50% discount when upgrading to premium*.

Or enter here to win one of two free 12-month premium subscriptions!

Note: I may receive affiliate commissions for this product. I will never endorse a product that I don’t use or love myself.

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